Possible Topics

List of possible Seminar Titles:

The names in brackets are non-binding proclamations of interest. We will fix everything on Friday 19th.

  • The Standard Model of Cosmology     (Moritz Dorband)
    In any GR textbook
  • Detection of Gravitational Waves (Thomas Schell, Pablo Basteiro)
    LIGO and Virgo Scientific Collaborations
  • Cosmic Topology (Hauke Brand)
    M Lachieze-Rey, JP Luminet – Physics Reports, 1995
  • Topoligical Censorship (Maximilian Döring, Hauke Brand)
    K. Schleich and D. M. Witt, Topological Censorship, https://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9903061
  • Black Hole Thermodynamics (Hauke Brand, Pablo Basteiro)
    S. Carlip, Black Hole Thermodynamics, arXiv:1410.1486
  • Inflation of the Universe
    A. R. Liddle, An Introduction to Cosmological Inflation
  • Rotating Balck Holes  (Tobias Kehrer, Maximilian Döring)
    P. Townsend, Black Holes, arXiv:gr-qc/9707012v1
  • The Information Paradox for Black Holes (Pablo Basteiro)
    SW Hawking – arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.01147, 2015
  • Relativistic Brownian motion  (Martin Brunner)
    J Dunkel, P Hänggi – Physics Reports, 2009
  • Topology of the Universe
    M. Lachièze-Rey and J.-P. Luminet, Cosmic topology, arXiv:gr-qc/9605010v2
  • Dark Energy and the Cosmological Constant
    PJE Peebles, B Ratra – Reviews of modern physics, 2003 – APS
  • The Unruh effect and its applications
    LCB Crispino, A Higuchi, GEA Matsas – Reviews of Modern Physics, 2008 – APS
  • Elements of String Theory  (Tobias Kehrer)
    A first course in string theory, B Zwiebach – 2004 , and many other textbooks
  • Wormholes in Spacetime (Alper Bakic)
    MS Morris, KS Thorne – American Journal of Physics, 1988
  • The Palatini action of GR
    Geometrodynamics vs. Connection Dynamics, Joseph D. Romano, Gen.Rel.Grav. 25 (1993) 759-854
  • Gravitational Waves and Extra Dimensions (Pablo Basteiro)
  • First steps towards Quantum Gravity (Moritz Dorband)

More suggestions are welcome!